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Listed below are a couple of case studies that let you see how BWRT can work in real life situations to help improve outcomes and make life better.


(Names have been changed to protect the identities of my clients)

Getting rid of jealousy

Tyler was a young man in his twenties. He was in a long term relationship with his girlfriend, whom he loved very much. However, he was having immense difficulties with jealousy to the point where sometimes he would be worrying for hours about what she was doing and who she was with. This was affecting his work, his sleep and, worst of all for him, the relationship itself.

When he came to see me, Tyler confirmed that his girlfriend had never given him any cause for jealousy and she was very attentive to him. However, after discussion Tyler told me that an ex girlfriend had cheated on him and that situation had been very hard for him.

The memory of this cheating situation was very strong and Tyler had a clear emotional reaction to it. We worked with this and when he left the therapy room an hour later Tyler was happy to say that he didn’t feel any jealousy at all now. He could think of his present girlfriend going out, chatting with other people, including members of the opposite sex, and it all felt okay.

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(Names have been changed to protect the identities of my clients)

A Friendship Gone Sour

Liz came to see me after a big fall out with one of her friends. Because they were all part of the same social group the situation was even worse. Liz felt there was some betrayal in the group and gossiping which was making her feel ill. All her thoughts centred on this, and as the friendship group was a huge part of her life she couldn’t see a way forward. Liz was even considering moving house to get away from everyone and the whole situation.

Further complications meant that Liz and the ex-friend would be likely to end up at some of the same group functions.

I worked with Liz on the aspects of the perceived betrayal and the actual fall out itself. Within an hour of our work together Liz was smiling and feeling confident again. The thoughts of the betrayals no longer bothered her and the feelings surrounding the ex-friend had been reduced to nothing, so that no emotional upset was triggered at all.

Following on from this situation Liz has been to social functions and said a polite hello to the ex-friend without any of the former worries or upset.

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