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New Year – New You!

It’s an interesting thought that just before we start a new year it feels like a good time to reflect on the past twelve months and take stock of what we have achieved (if anything) and whether we are happy with our lives.

Often people make New Year Resolutions in the hope that bad habits can be eliminated and new, good habits started. If we’ve fallen into a rut in our ways of thinking we might also be looking for new motivation, romance or a change of career.

All these things are well and good, but often New Year Resolutions fail quite quickly. One of the things that prevents us from succeeding is the voice in our heads. That voice can easily sabotage our plans because we actually feel comfortable in our old habits. New ways of doing things can seem a bit scary.

So, you get stuck into another year doing the same old things and not moving your life forward in any noticeable way. What do you do?

How BWRT can change your future.

Well, for a start you can look at BWRT as a solution. BWRT can help you to increase your motivation and actually change the uncomfortable feelings. When those feelings change, you are no longer restricted by limiting beliefs.

All your present thoughts and reactions are based on how your neural pathways in the brain are responding to previous thoughts and actions. This means that unless you do something to change this, you can go round the same old loop forever.

When you change your thoughts, everything else will change too.

Vicky Tunaley

I am a solution focused hypnotherapist and BWRT practitioner based in Hinckley, Leicestershire. I help people with issues such as anxiety, depression, confidence and self esteem.

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