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How BWRT can help the grief process
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How BWRT can help the grief process

Yesterday I had the opportunity of working with a client on the issue of  unresolved grief.  When we work in this way it helps us to come to terms with loss and let go of very raw feelings.

The memories of our loved ones do not change, but the overwhelming feelings of loss are replaced by feelings of hope and peace.  This process is very cathartic and can produce a real sense of relief.

Neural pathways in the brain get triggered by our environment and our experiences.  The brain continually seeks to create meaning in the world around us so that we can exist in it and, if everything is going well, we can flourish.

However, when we experience a trauma, shock or loss, then our brain creates a strong neural pathway that connects to intense feelings of sadness, pain, grief and anguish.    In the case of grief we might be dwelling on thoughts of our lost loved one, the sadness surrounding the end of their life and all of the worry and upset death can bring.  Bereavement can become very lonely.

BWRT changes the neural pathways so that the “go to” place in the mind is not the hard, difficult place but a softer space inside, where you can get a sense of comfort and reassurance that everything will be okay.

Vicky Tunaley

I am a solution focused hypnotherapist and BWRT practitioner based in Hinckley, Leicestershire. I help people with issues such as anxiety, depression, confidence and self esteem.

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