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How BWRT can help you

BWRT is not just another therapy.  It’s a new way of working that can change the way you respond to the situations in your life.  It’s fast and effective and can create incredible change.  Can you imagine how it would feel if those worries you used to have changed immediately?  Sometimes it only takes one session to feel immense relief.

How does it work?

During your session of BWRT I will ask you a few questions about what you would like me to help you with, and a little bit about your background.  I won’t be asking you to divulge any secrets or personal information.  It is a private therapy that works without me needing to know  all the details of your situation.


All I will need to know is how you would prefer to feel.  

Let’s take an example – Sarah is terrified of water.  It might be she was involved in a near-drowning incident as a child.  I won’t need to know why she is terrified, only that she is.  I would ask Sarah how she would like to feel around water – and Sarah can decide for herself how that might be.  If she isn’t sure, then I can help her to decide.

It really is that simple.

The process itself is based in science and I will be able to explain more about how it works during your visit.

Why BWRT is different

The big difference in BWRT is that it works on uncomfortable emotional or psychological triggers before you are even consciously aware of them.  Most other therapies work on the responses after they’ve been generated.  
Vicky Tunaley

My name is Vicky Tunaley and I will work with you to help you achieve the results you want.  I am available to work in Hinckley, Leicestershire or worldwide through Skype / FaceTime or even Messenger video calling.

Please contact me if you would like further information about how I can help.

What can BWRT help with?

BWRT is very versatile and can help with many different problems.

  • It can help you overcome fears and anxieties.  
  • Manage unwanted reactions to events, such as anger, jealousy or grief.
  • Change the way you feel about situations you can’t change.
  • Allow you to feel better about yourself.
  • Get rid of phobias
  • Eliminate strong, frightening feelings that you get with such conditions as PTSD or trauma.

For a full list of conditions please visit my BWRT Therapy page. 

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